Pipe made of borosilicate glass height 16cm 14.5er cut with siesies

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HANDLICH & KOMPAKT: Glass pipe in classic design by Bam Bam Bhole with 14.5 cut - height 16cm. Without percolorizer, honeycomb or diffuser, which make cleaning only complex and complicated.

STABIL : Proven quality product made of stable and break-resistant borosilicate glass. Heat stable and very easy to clean. Pour in hot water with a little schmandweg and the pipe is clean again in minutes.

TOP QUALITY: 30 years of experience in pipe production by the Berlin brand BamBamBhole speak for excellent water pipes of high quality!

WITH SIEBE : Delivery includes steel siesies. Spare parts can be ordered from us at any time.

SAFETY: Enjoy the best customer service and constantly available spare parts and accessories. Your satisfaction is our success.