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Wooden box with Indian symmetrical carvings for storing jewelry and small parts

€11,90 €14,90
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WOODEN BOX: Beautiful handcrafted wooden box for storing jewelry or small parts such as papers, mills, filters, sieves, bowls, tobacco ... everything stowed wonderfully and stylishly. A gem on every living room table.
CRAFTS: Each box is handcrafted in a small village near Saharanpur in India. Fair trade, good working conditions and natural materials play a central role in the procurement of our goods.
STABLE & PERFECTLY FIT: All woods fit perfectly into one another and thus prevent the box from opening unintentionally. The dimensions of 150x100x65mm allow the box to be easily stowed away as a companion in any backpack or suitcase.
TOP QUALITY: 30 years of experience in sales with handicrafts speak for excellent selected products of high quality! We only pass on what fully convinces us with a clear conscience and the greatest conviction.
SECURITY: Enjoy the best customer service, spare parts and accessories that are always available. We offer the best solutions for complaints.
Your satisfaction is our success.