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Wood shatulle with floral interAsia made of brass and red velvet

€11,90 €14,90
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HOLZBOX: Beautiful handmade wooden casket for storing jewelry or small items such as papers, mills, filters, sieves, heads, tobacco ... all wonderfully and stylishly stowed. A piece of jewelry on every living room table.
HANDICRAFTS: Each box is handcrafted in a small village near Saharanpur in India. Fair trade, good working conditions and natural materials play a central role in the procurement of our goods.
STABLE & PASSPRECISE: All the woods fit perfectly into each other and prevents the box from opening itself unintentionally. The dimensions of 175x120x60mm also allow the box to be easily stowed in any backpack or travel case as a companion.
TOP QUALITY: 30 years of experience in sales with arts and crafts speak for excellent products of high quality! Only what convinces us completely, we pass on with the best of conscience and with the utmost conviction.
SECURITY: Enjoy the best customer service, constantly available spare parts and accessories. In case of complaints, we offer the best solutions.
Your satisfaction is our success.