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Stash Stick Premium storage container made of thick aluminum Length: 95mm Diameter: 30mm

VAT included.

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Black Leaf's 'Stash Stick' preserves all the means and substances you want to protect from the influence of air, water and sniffer noses. The container is absolutely odour-proof. The screw thread allows the concealed-hiding sleeve to be tightly turned. Thanks to the silicone ring, the storage container is well sealed. Thus, nothing of the content is lost on the go and the aroma is preserved. Made of high-gloss, anodized aluminum. High-quality workmanship in heavy quality! Black

High-quality and precise workmanship in heavy quality made of extra thick, high-gloss aluminium! Due to the anodized surface, no content remains to be glued.

Keeps tight from air, water and leaking smell! Thanks to the sealing ring made of silicone and the screw thread, the container remains tightly closed.

Available in diameters of 30mm and in the colours blue, pink, black and green.

The length of the containers is 95mm. On the lid side, the "Black Leaf - Premium" logo is lasered in.

Service! The satisfaction of our customers is important to us.